Sol Alva - Mecânica de Precisão, S.A.
of Prototypes


At Sol Alva – Mecânica de Preciso we foster close and trusting relationships with our suppliers, because they are fundamental for the production of precision parts and superior quality. The careful selection of raw materials and production tools from national and international suppliers ensures that we meet the most demanding expectations of the various industries and customers with whom we work. As a complement to our production technologies, Sol Alva – Mecânica de Precision, in order to provide the best and most complete parts possible, also works with carefully selected suppliers in complementary areas such as heat treatments and specialized finishes to ensure the highest quality.


Our comprehensive and versatile production technologies allow you to produce prototypes using many different processes and technologies. With machines almost exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes, Sol Alva seeks to respond to the prototyping needs to support the development processes of its customers.


We also have the ability to assemble sets and/or subsets according to customer specifications. Our assembly services can provide comprehensive production solutions that can enable our customers to reduce costs by eliminating the number of subcontractors.
In combination with our manufacturing technologies, our assembly services create a robust production solution for customers in different sectors allowing for process optimization.


At Sol Alva we find specific packaging solutions for each customer. Each part and application has its own requirements and needs packaging solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners. Whether you need a simple and economical solution or a more specific and personalized protection, Sol Alva works together with its suppliers with all the dedication and care in the development of solutions that guarantee the integrity and protection of your parts.